Kratom and Weed withdrawal



Some says kratom withdrawal is worst than weed withdrawal. Kratom causes noticeable withdrawal than weed.  Kratom withdrawal example: can't sleep at night, extreme restless legs, sneeze many times , hot flashes, cold chills whatever temperature is. For some people kratom withdrawals means don't have any energy, pain, anxiety.  

Weed withdrawal for some people not an issue, others slightly irritable, not being hungry for a week. and for other, can change someone to a completely different person.

Some people says kratom withdrawal is worse than weed withdrawal. 


Kratom & weed both mentally addictive, and kratom also physically addictive. Some says weed more addicting and more intoxicating than kratom.

Usually people can go days without kratom with no withdrawal besides slightly enxiety, body ache, but some people can't go few hours without weed.

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